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Jellyrolls, Layercakes & Charm Packs

We stock a large range of diverse Moda Jellyrolls, Layercakes and Charm Packs.

The quilts shown below are unique designs by Jackie, all with patterns available.

In each of the boxes below, click on the quilt image to enlarge it, and for further Jellyroll, Layercake and Charm Pack kit and pattern information.

Key: JR:Jellyroll  L:Layercake  CP:Charm Pack

Flying Geese (CP)

Size 18” x 27”

3 Piece Square (L/CP)

Size L 48”x 67” or CP 24”x 31”

Mosaic (CP)

Size 19” x 28”

9 Patch Floating Stars (L or CP)

Size L 57”x 68”or CP 19”x 27”

Four Patch Trellis (L)

Size 50” x 70”

Starry Sashing (CP)

Size 27” Square

Jellyrolls, Layercakes and Charm Packs continued

Flying Geese Quilt Mosaic Quilt 9 Patch Floating Stars Quilt 4 Patch Trellis Quilt Starry Sashing Quilt

 Sophie (L or CP)

Size L 60” x 70” or CP 26” x 30”

3 Piece Square Quilt Big Sophie

Twinkly Geese (L and CP)

Size L and CP 50” X 70”

Big Twinkly Geese

Path To The Stars (L or JR)

Size L 58” X 70”

Big Path To The Stars